untitled, untitled once again and untitled for the third time
a series of readings

These readings were held under the auspices of studio Letná, a small exhibition space located next to the Intermedia 2 Studio of Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts. Between 2012 and 2014, I put on about twenty art events there, focusing on seeking new forms of catharsis and techniques of emancipation.

The three events in question are concentrated on catharsis, in particular. I asked my friends and acquaintances to bring poems they had written as adolescents to the events and read them. Verses from the age when some of us notice our pubic hair growing, while others watch their breasts taking shape. I was interested in how we learn to work with language in this gender confusion. How we slowly learn to command and master it by writing various poems and little verses. And how this activity helps our orientation in the neologisms of language, its internal tensions.

At times, we really did experience moments of catharsis. For example when Pavel Humhal recited his poem Automatický milenec (Automatic Lover). Or when Nikola Brabcová for the first time in her life publicly read out loud her little verses full of suffering and unfortunate love. We became witnesses of times when others were growing up, on a very intimate level. Individual authors bared their souls to us and in return we accepted them even with those parts of their past, which they felt a little embarrassed about and had not planned to show anyone, let alone read them out loud to others.

photos: artist’s archive and Nikola Brabcová