Montage 6 and Montage 7
two confrontational readings

The Montage pieces follow on from the Confrontational Readings of 2012, but are not thematically related. The subject of Montage 6 is the transformation of the human body into a machine and the unwillingness of an android to surrender its technology for the benefit of its humanity. The second Montage looks at the current phenomenon of Laptopistanis, members of temporary work communities which spring up in an ad hoc fashion in cafes all over the world. The montages also share the theme of the perception of the female face and body within contemporary society. Over several renderings, the Montages took on a definite form: reader, operator and two participants, with one holding a television set and the other standing on a speaker.

photo: Hynek Alt, Luis Asín, Michal Blecha, Aleš Čermák and Radek Dětinský