Jirka Skála (1976) is a fine artist, writer and teacher based in Prague in Prague. His artistic practice is focused primarily on the mediums of photography, performance and video. He also pursues a long-term interest in essay and short story writing. Most of his efforts are directed at thematising the transformations of paid and unpaid labour under the conditions prevalent in Eastern Europe. He focuses on interweaving these two activities and the way they become a source of new exploitation, domination and dehumanization. With his artistic production, he endeavours to find adequate means of resistance, as well as powerful metaphorical representations.

His work has been presented at diverse international collective exhibitions such as GNS at Palais de Tokyo in Paris (2003), The Other Tradition at Wiels in Brussels (2011), Manifesta 11 in Zurich (2016), as well as solo exhibitions such as Výměna rukopisu (Exchange of Handwriting) at Art in General in New York (2006), Dvě skupiny předmětů (Two Families of Objects) at Hunt Kastner Gallery in Prague (2007), Jabberwocky at Foksal Gallery in Warsaw (2014) a most recently Aspirace cizích těles (Aspirations of Foreign Bodies) at Hunt Kastner Gallery in Prague (2022).

His publications include One Family of Objects (JRP Ringier, 2010), Litany of Precariat and Boundaries of Opportunities (Nakladatelství AVU, 2019 and 2022). His essays and stories have been published in a wide spectrum of Czech magazines and websites such as A2, ArtMap, Fotograf, Idea, Revue Prostor and Springerin.