You are the Object, I am the Impulse
a collection of narrative machines

Four independent stories are narrated with the aid of separate visual display devices. Parallel Monologues investigate the conformity of language and the possible outcome of a conversation in which the dialogue between two people is reduced to uttering the word “yes”. Forced Monument visualises the effort most of us make to erase ourselves from this world, to delete ourselves from reality. The figures of a man and woman use their hands to wipe away their reflections from a mirror, but their efforts are futile. When the empty image is physically rotated, their figures reappear. Real Presence observes the way social networks are progressively replacing expensive and ineffective forms of monitoring. The final piece entitled You are the Object, I am the Impulse compares the conditions of physical work in two different social and economic systems – capitalism and real socialism.

Parallel Monologs
sound installation
audio recording, 1 min.
2 audio reflectors, 2 amplifiers, CD player

A Monument of Coercion
imaging machine
2 digital videos, 00:15 min.
plywood, aluminum and metal construction 1.3 x 4.2 x 90 cm, 2 data projectors, 2 HD media players, amplifier

Real Presence
a narrative imaging machine
digital video, 14 min.
laminated chipboard and metal 2 x 0.7 x 1.2 meters, data projector, sound speakers, DVD player, 2 headphones

You are the Object, I am the Impulse (a problem of definition)
video installation
digital video, 16 min.
data projector, DVD player, sound speakers, 2 headphones, sheet of white metal