Untitled (1975–2064)
a short story
poster, A2 format, published by Pazmaker magazine, Mexico City and by Gallery u Bílého jednorožce, Klatovy as part of Die Gehilfen exhibition

This short story tells the tale of a man who decides to turn his life into an art PROJECT. Thanks to a family fortune, he doesn’t have any financial concerns and nothing stands in the way of putting his plan into action. To begin with, he goes to a specialised clinic where they calculate the approximate length of his life. Next he buys an apartment to suit his needs - he intends to spend the rest of his life covering its walls with a monochromatic painting. Every day until his death he will draw a single, dark blue, one centimetre square. As time passes, the man’s regular and habitual movements begin to have the following effect – he starts to vanish in the delimited space. Physically, as well as mentally. For all is predetermined. He has only one need, one necessity – to fill his life with mindless activity.