The Aspiration of Foreign Bodies
9 images, 120x80 cm, 90x60 cm and 60x40 cm
inkjet printing on cotton paper
work was made in collaboration with Jakub Hájek and František Hanousek

In collaboration with Jakub and František, I attempted to evoke the most familiar archetypes of contemporary masculinity that emerge from our subconscious like apparitions and constantly direct our daily actions, subsequently capturing them in a series of nine pictorial artworks. Over a period of two years, we developed an artistic technique which I had already used in previous projects, such as Thank You for Ruling Us. In this case it included the use of a large metal board, water, cardboard, pre-printed male images, glass, jewellery and modelling clay. We used a combination of analogue photographs and digital postproduction to record and reproduce the mixed media artworks.

photo: author’s archive and Ondřej Polák