Text 7

Text 7, 2011, performative work, from the evening of the participatory lectures He Never Taught Anyone Anything, Yet we Called Him a Teacher, organized by Pole art group, Na Zábradlí Theatre, Eliad's Library, 2013, photo: Pole art group's archive


This text, or rather this set of texts, videos and pictures, will for the first time not include an UNBOXING video. Not that I don’t have anything more to add with respect to this phenomenon, but during the course of examining and scrutinising it I came across some interesting material which says something about contemporary means of production in a way that is different, but perhaps just as interesting. It happened more or less by accident, in fact. While I was looking for another UNBOXING video I chanced upon a cover version of a Beyoncé song: Best Thing I Never Had. To begin with I wanted to skip over it and click on another link, but something grabbed my attention. Even though it was another amateur or semi-amateur video, there was something different about it. It wasn’t the sort of performance someone had recorded in their living room, bedroom or secretly in their bathroom, the kind of thing you watch when you want to amuse yourself at somebody’s expense. I started to watch and especially to listen closely. I was watching a seated woman singing into a condenser microphone, wearing studio quality headphones. The picture quality and camera work were also good. Everything was clear and intelligible. And, above all, it was no longer ridiculous. Horribly symptomatic, more like. I was surprised, and so I searched on and on and found hundreds and hundreds of cover versions of this composition. The same song every time, the same notes, the same intonation, the same technology, but in a different house, with other objects and other bodies. It’s basically the same thing over and over, the same song, but why not perform it, properly. Because it’s actually the best thing I’ve ever heard, wanted and had.

In electronics, a digital-to-analog converter (DAC or D-to-A) is a device that converts a digital (usually binary) code to an analog signal (current, voltage, or electric charge). An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) performs the reverse operation. Signals are easily stored and transmitted in digital form, but a DAC is needed for the signal to be recognized by human senses or other non-digital systems.[1]

She wrapped the present for Mum in a page from a lifestyle magazine. But it was not a leaf torn out at random. She had selected it because of the photograph of a woman’s hand with a large gold ring. She remembered that Mum wore a similar one. She took it off every time before cooking, putting it to one side. Once she had finished and put everything away she put it on her finger again.

Beyonce - Best Thing I Never Had (Hannah Trigwell cover); http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoZgbnvwOsM&feature=related; 3. 12. 2011.

I am not an audiophile. Audiophiles love audio and equipment, but rarely music. An audiophile is someone who can't listen for more than a few minutes before stopping to change capacitors or swap cables. Audiophiles spend more on equipment than they spend on music and concerts. They will own dozens of different headphones, cables and amplifiers, and receive their pleasure from fiddling with all this gear. Audiophiles listen to their gear, instead of the music. Audiophiles just as often are listening to recordings of thunderstorms or locomotives, while I, as one professional studio musician shared with me, enjoy great music even if it's coming over a 3" speaker. I know good reproduction, but it's ultimately all about the music, not the hardware. If I let myself get caught up in the hardware, I'd have no time to enjoy music. I've only owned three sets of headphones over the past 35 years: My Koss 4AA that I got in the 1970s, my Beyer DT 990 (600 Ohm) that I bought in 1988, and now this Sennheiser HD 800. I still have my Koss, which were rebuilt by Koss for free under their lifetime warranty in 1995 and work great today. I have enjoyed my Beyer DT 990 continuously since 1988.[2]

Beyonce... I like your new song "Best thing I never had"! I think it suits you more than your previous single...I wish you luck! =)
i cantwait for the album to come ouy just know b i will be buying it
i love you beyonce. this song is a grower i hope it will be a huge ballad. i cant wait for till the end of time. i hope that one is a songle too.
i love it beyonce is surly going to rule the world with this song
OMG Beyoncé I looooveee it, and I loooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeee her voice is wondderful
King B i like that lol I love my QUEEN
coming to Colombia please
Perfect song (y) Queen~Diva ßeyonce.
You’re at the top of your game for good reason…you continue to raise the bar! Cheers King B:-)
Another one =) i love it, I get an eerie feeling she's referring to Jay :/ lol Good job B, keep em coming!
I love this song!! I love the beat too!! YYAAAAYYY!!! The ablum drops in my B~Day month but my b~day is 2morrw!! Maybe I'll get the album for a late birthday gift!!! =D[3]

Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had (AlFord Cover - Chords in description); http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgDviYGN5lk; 3. 12. 2011.

kajak12/Mario or other 1541 dac users may explain further, but the Philips TDA1541 was the second generation DAC chip following the mother of all DACs the original TDA1540. The TDA1541 is very common to 1990's Marantz and Philips cdps from $299-$3K+ and found in several other British machines of that era. It is really just a dac chip like any other dac chip. However, over time I think people have come to realise that CD technology has not really gone very far, and that the old TDA1541 is still a very nice sounding DAC chip, some would argue its the best of them all? It is no longer made, hence its collectability and cult status.[4]

She wrapped the present for her father in paper with photographs of lions. Her father understood what she meant by that and was pleased that during her childhood and adolescence she had perceived him as the person who provided her with support and security.

Huu - Best thing i never had (Beyonce Cover) THE 100Th VIDEO + SHOUT OUT; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlucqItW6VI; 3. 12. 2011.

After opening the cardboard box the new owner sees a very similar case to the one housing the HD600 and HD650 headphones. It’s a nice case lined with a fabric that’s pleasing to the eye and pleasant to the touch. I decided that I would put them back in it after each listening session, so they wouldn’t get dusty or damaged. The soft lining keeps them snug and in fine fettle. As for the construction, design and craftsmanship, it’s well known that people fall into several different camps. Some don’t like them at all, others like them a lot, and a small proportion of people remains unmoved by their appearance. I’m not going to try to conceal that I belong among the admirers. Having checked them out carefully, hands-on, I certainly don’t have any misgivings. The headphones are real whoppers and the large transducers look magnificent.[5]

i love it!!!!
KING B FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!
I love you B
Loooove ittt, can't wait for "4" to come out, queen B is back! You are unbelievable, keep up the great work! I love you
This song is amazing Beyonce, I loves it
As usual I love everything Beyonce releases!!!!! This will be the best album yet!!!!! Beautiful song that I can really relate to.
I can't wait for Beyonce's album to be released!!!!! I have it marked on my calander
LOVE IT! I don't think I can hate anything B puts out, she's AMAZING!!!!!
XOxoxoxoxo!!!!! luv all ur songsss
Awesome.. I, too, am excited for this album to come out.. Thank you for sharing with us your gift of music as it continues to inspire us all to push and strive to be the best.

"Best Thing I Never Had" - Beyonce (cover); http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyVCw90X9Xs; 3. 12. 2011.

Love the new sound. It's always good to see and hear an artist continue to grow and come up with new sounds. As a music lover of all genres, I will say I am really pleased with the 3 tracks I have heard thus far and look forward to new album "4." It is always "right" to continue to make music that goes along with what's out there now. So to hear Beyonce' step out and embrace something new as a fan I appreciate that and hope all of her fans do as well. Thanks Beyonce' for more great music and may GOD continue to bless you and guide you.[6]

My bet was TDA1541A, for its romantic tone and unbeatable dynamics. It also in my view never fit well tube output stages, so I believe that my output stages are great match, especially for their sonic features associated with their absence of feedback at one, and exceptional linearity at the other side. And once I found myself into it, I understood that working with the same part in the longer terms is beneficial: you realize its properties, needs and requirements, and thus the best way to use it.[7]

Beyonce - Best Thing I Never Had (cover); http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbe44VltVwo; 3. 12. 2011.

He’s a year and a half old. He’s sitting on the parquet floor wearing a nappy and a short t-shirt, his bare feet are stretched out in front of him and he’s playing with a little box. Several days ago he was given a toy BMW, a little blue car, which he fell in love immediately. He’s trying to put the little toy car back into its box but he’s not having much success. Each time he tries it the lid jams, preventing the car from going in any further. And that’s making him upset. Slowly he begins to realise that he needs to hold the lid open with one hand and slide the car in with the other. After making several attempts he manages to get the BMW inside. Now he just has to learn to close the box. That’s not easy either, but in the end he succeeds. But that’s important! A little while later he decides to open the package once again and take the car out. It doesn’t take long before his hand is extracting the object. The moment the toy car is out of the box, he shrieks with delight as if seeing it for the first time. He is squealing and his eyes are seeking Dad, sitting somewhere opposite.

He showed them a photo of a car parked somewhere in London and said the English word “diagonally”. It was like a gun had gone off. They perked up immediately and repeated quizzically: “Diagon Alley”. They were taken by surprise and after a while Kirschner repeated: diagonally. To which they said: “You know where that is?” or “Can you tell us where it is?” Kirschner gave up and so it was left up to me. Pronunciation! Of course! What else! Kirschner wanted to say “diagonal” in Czech – diagonála – but instead it came sounding like “Diagon Alley” in English. Which is the place where Harry Potter goes shopping in London.

Amazing! I love it!!!
Robyn G Neymour - Royale Nybor
Love it!
Oh this song makes me feel optimist . Thanks Beyonce for making music.You are just wonderful.
GOD bless you.
Awesome Beyonce, AWESOME! ♥
For any woman that's ever been broken-hearted, this what tha deal is! This song is such a beautiful capture of when a woman has come to a positive place of acceptance & recovery from the pain of a love lost =) I know this song will resound in the hearts of women & men throughout the world. ((I can't wait for her next tour. I HAVE to make it to a show!))
LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B, you are teasing me!! Can't wait.
Beyonce ROCKS[8]

Beyonce-Best Thing I Never Had Cover; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT1MYRtrxMs&feature=related; 3. 12. 2011.

Hi Terry,
I’ve already managed to lower distortion and feedback down to 0.00%, or thereabouts. Do you know if I can get that figure down even lower? The thing is, my output is limited by a TDA 1541 A converter. I haven’t tried it with the new Delta/Sigma converters yet, but it’s in the pipeline.

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