In the Shadow of the Lion
essay and 6 photographs (inkjet print on paper, 120 x 150 cm)

The project In the Shadow of the Lion came about in collaboration with the Fotograf festival with which it shared the theme “non-work”. I approached it from the perspective of non-productive time. A certain block of time that modernism has defined as a socially necessary space for relaxation, personal development and the cementing of collective consciousness. I was primarily interested in the way that free time has been defined and has changed in the Bohemian and Moravian milieu over the last two centuries. From a wide group of free time and leisure activity institutions, clubs and movements I selected a representative sample of thirty-eight entities which we then divided into six categories according to their societal, cultural and social orientation. These ideological and organisational frameworks are presented by six large photographs of their statutes, founding documents, regulations and declarations. The sentences and paragraphs that define the focus of each institution are highlighted in colour on each photograph. For the sake of clarity and legibility, these documents have been enlarged by ten percent.

photo: author’s archive and Tomáš Hrůza