DOS (Trade Unions Building)
an action
billboard, digital print, 5,1 x 2,4 meters
a billboard in front of a large shopping center, Průhonice, Praha, CZ

At the start of the last decade I was working in the warehouse of a certain multinational company. At the time, its employees were considering setting up a local trade union branch, but they gave up on the idea for fear of losing their jobs. After this experience, I decided to produce an advert for the Trade Unions Building. I contacted trade union headquarters and suggested we collaborate on the idea as a joint project, but my offer was politely declined. Subsequently I decided to make the advert on my own, at the smallest reasonable scale. Together with a professional photographer, I took a still image of the Trade Unions Building (DOS) in Žižkov. The picture shows the building from the front so that the sign on the roof is clearly visible. I then had the image printed on a billboard opposite the entrance to the Hypernova store in Průhonice.

photo: Jiří Thýn